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"Robertson is a true poet"

“Jessi Robertson’s music gently overtakes you like a dark and beautiful opiate. Her essence is carried along within the soul of the album, which makes listening to Robertson an intensely personal experience. Once you breathe her in, you’ll be addicted and you will not want to leave her sensual twilight world of danger and willing sacrifice.”
– Allen Foster, AXS.com

"From a soothing lullaby to a wild rock and roll wail...

Jessi Robertson has the kind of effortless vocal range that others can only dream of. A singer/songwriter and skilled multi-instrumentalist (rhythm guitar, piano, organs, and synths), Jessi is fascinated not by perfection but by life’s contradictions and what she calls “the accidental beauty revealed in the imperfections, the hopeless romantic who spurns love, the stubborn pride covering a grievous wound, the unshakable faith that no amount of darkness can kill.” Those themes traverse her soul-baring sophomore release, I Came From the War, the majority of which was recorded live at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Backed by band members Omer Leibovitz (Courtesy Tier, Dan Abraham), Alex Picca (Courtesy Tier, The Press), and Layton Weedeman (Courtesy Tier, Isle of Rhodes), Jessi delivers the kind of raw, powerful performances that stir the listener to ruminate on the meaning of life.”
– BMI, Indie Music Spotlight



Nashville-based musician Jessi Robertson knows how to command a room. With wrenchingly honest songwriting and a powerhouse voice, Robertson deftly navigates the difficult boundaries between reality and imagination, and in the process bravely lays bare her own underlying emotional truths.


Born in a small upstate New York town of fewer than 1,000 people, Robertson moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2003, and released two studio albums: 2011's "Small Town Girls," and 2014's "I Came From The War." In spring 2018, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and in December 2018, she surprised fans by releasing "Live From Union Hall," a previously unreleased set of performances recorded during her 2014 album release show. Engineered and mixed by Alex Nahas of Bright Brown Sound, and mastered by Omer Leibovitz and Gary O'Keefe at Birdwire Records, the album features Robertson on vocals and guitar, Leibovitz on lead guitar, Layton Weedeman on drums, and Alex Picca on bass.


As a musician, Robertson rides the divide between indie iconoclasts such as PJ Harvey and Americana vanguards such as Lucinda Williams. Embracing these contradictions, her songs are as intimate as confessions, as cathartic as confrontations, and often injected with dark, wry humor. Her voice moves easily from lullaby crooning to wild rock and roll wailing, and her writing expertly explores themes of love, betrayal, darkness, and redemption.


Robertson, a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (rhythm guitar, piano, organs, and synths), has also released a slew of singles on both SoundCloud and Bandcamp, and in addition to performing regularly in both Nashville and New York City, she volunteers for MusiCares, a charity that helps support musicians in need.


RIYL: PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star, Fiona Apple, Lucinda Williams, Adele


"A voice that commands attention from the first line." -Performing Songwriter Magazine.

"One of the most captivatingly nuanced singers around." -New York Music Daily

"Robertson is a true poet. Her words drip with marvelous colors, and she writes more like she’s wielding a brush than a pen." -Allen Foster, AXS.com

"Beautiful, soul-weary vocals that resonate with compassion." -Songwriter Monthly

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